Friday Fodder–running the half marathon: More Portland absurdity or a good idea?

No, this isn't me, but it could be, couldn't it?

No one is likely to vote on this poll question, as TS and KM went and got (semi?) real jobs, but there’s nothing like trying to kick start the original Portlandia Organicness.

The question stems from my attempt to run 13.1 miles in about seven weeks time. Most people laugh and giggle, I sometimes wonder if my shins will explode despite consuming three 22oz bottles of Blue Dot IPA.

Whatever, just vote.


Running Portland half marathon: More Portland absurdity or a good idea?



Organic Portland soccer talent, 6:30 PT, Sat.

Former Pilot great and South Eugene native, Nate Jaqua, left, remains tall.

Former Pilot great and South Eugene native, Nate Jaqua, left, remains tall.

This Saturday in the MLS will have a certain purplish-Portland feel to it when the Seattle Sounders travel to the Colorado Rapids.

Seattle (4-2-3) is currently second in the West and feature Kasey Keller and Nate Jaqua, both former UP Pilots of different eras.

And up front for Colorado (3-2-3) is the bald bulldog, Conor Casey, who used to dominate Merlo Field with fellow striker Jaqua.

While Jaqua is leading Seattle with four assists, good enough for second most in the league, it’s Keller and Casey who are garnering early attention for MLS MVP.

In his first MLS season after a pro career that saw him as a starter in the BPL and Bundesliga, Keller has four shutouts in eight games played and is giving up a league minimum .41 goals per game.

On the other end of the scoring spectrum is Casey, who is second in the league with five goals scored, including this hat trick effort against the Galaxy last month:

Notes: Through five home games, the Sounders are averaging an amazing 29,536 fans per game, ahead of second place Toronto FC by more than 9,000 fans. The Seattle Sounders are an American soccer team … Jaqua, who has scored points in his last two games, had a death in the family last week … MLS debuted QuickKicks, an online forum that allows for user-created highlight reels, searchable by a number of queries.


Oregon stock watch: Mitch Canham

Remember Mitch?

The all-world heartthrob catcher at Oregon State? The intangibles leader who helped lead Oregon State to their first College World Series title?

Yep, Mitch is still grinding away, this year with the San Diego Padres double A affiliate in San Antonio.

Mitch Canham in the Cape Cod League. (Cape Cod League)

Mitch Canham in the Cape Cod League. (Cape Cod League)

In just over a season’s worth of games at the minor league level, Canham has shown promise with his batting average and eye at the plate as his .279/.372 batting average and on base percentage would indicate, but his .407 slugging is definitely a cause for concern.

Canham has just 10 homers in over 700 minor league plate appearances.

Fortunately, his position (catcher) doesn’t demand much offense, so Canham should be able to make a jump to triple A sometime in 2009. As long as he maintains his walk rate and keeps his average near .270, he should be just fine. 

The problem for Canham is that he turns 25 during the 2009 season, which gives him just a year or two to make the leap to the big leagues, unless he plans on being the next Chris Coste.


Friday fodder: organic election issues

Ahmadinejad holds up his passport while registering for elections earlier today; he's never been to Oregon. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced today his intention to run for re-election in June.

Also this week, in a crippling blow to his country’s long-term economic future, 27 Oregon senators passed Senate Bill 633, blocking “state investment in companies doing business with Iran or controlled by the Iranian government,” as reported in The O

This news comes on the heels of Commander and Hooper Obama announcing his intent to abolish the 16-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy. This is certainly to reverberate in Iran, a country that has no homosexuals but willingly expresses its ability to engage the U.S. in combat or destroy its closest Middle East ally.

Which issue will likely be the most contentious on the Iranian campaign trail?

Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, chief proponent of SB633, can be reached at, 503-986-1712.


Oregon stock watch: Eddie Kunz

Parkrose High’s own Eddie Kunz, a top relief prospect in the New York Mets farm system, continues to struggle with his control for Triple-A Buffalo. 

Eddie Kunz at Oregon State. (

Eddie Kunz at Oregon State. (

The 6’5” hard throwing right-hander has tossed 11 innings in 2009, and while most of his peripherals are good – 9 strikeouts, just 7 hits and 3 earned runs allowed – the alarming walk total (7) has kept Kunz from cracking the big league roster.

With the possibility that a) Oliver Perez could be sent down to work on his game or b) JJ Putz is pitching hurt, there is a real likelihood the Mets will need another arm with the big club, and that man could very well be Kunz.

Just 23 years old, Kunz got a brief September call-up in 2008, allowing four runs in 2.2 innings work. But, if he can limit his walks – his batting average against is just .179 – he could well make the leap to eighth inning set up man in 2009. 


Friday fodder: organic nightmares

Option A: 1997 Oscar domination by ... Madonna. Option B: Raining buckets by ... Luis Scola.

Option A: 1997 Oscar domination by ... Madonna. Option B: Raining buckets by ... Luis Scola.


Torres de Morelos, Spanish for ‘huge burrito’

The Torres de Morelos rig on the south side of Powell and 32nd. (TS)

The Torres de Morelos rig on the south side of Powell and 32nd. (TS)

Between the Motel 6 and the sketchiest tune-up garage in Portland sits an old Ford catering truck named Torres de Morelos. 

The address is SE 32nd and Powell, the license plate is real, and the burritos sold from within are equal parts huge and delicious.

The white truck hasn’t moved in about three years, so it may not be drivable, but her burrito kitchen runs like a biodiesel Benz. We’re talking about five minutes for a $5 burrito that could very well weigh five pounds and obscure all five digits in your hand.


A grown man's hand lies beneath this burrito. (TS)

Options for most meals include asada, pollo, chorizo, pastor, pescado, lengua, tripa, carnitas, buche and caveza. There is also a veggie burrito, tacos for a buck and a quarter, and quesadillas for $6, but most of the SEP buzz is about the marinated pollo (chicken), the savory asada (steak) or the fine-grained chorizo (sausage).

As with many of the classier dining establishments in Portland, the hours are unlisted and seating and parking are extremely limited, if not nonexistent. However, lately, it has been usually possible to get a burrito before 8 p.m. on any day but Sunday.

Next time a date calls you from the Safari Club, or an ejection ends your soccer game at Cleveland High, remember the Towers of Morelos–a Powell-organic business selling cuisine from Mexico, an organic country.